Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Continuum Artists Painting Downtown

It has just been announced that two of our last year's Continuum artists will be painting murals in downtown West Palm Beach. To see the article and details in the Palm Beach Post, click here. Eduardo Mendieta will be adding four levels of murals on the Banyan Street parking garage, with Jay Bellicchi. Craig McInnis, with Steven Marino, will be painting the four levels at the opposite end of the garage, later in December. When visiting the Continuum gallery next January, be sure and park at this garage (the gallery is one block south then west) to check out the artwork.

Here's one of Eduardo Mendieta's pieces that was at Continuum last year. You can also see one of his latest murals near the community garden in Northwood at 941 25th Street, West Palm Beach.

Craig McInnis had this acrylic painting at Continuum last year, titled "Ascension."

You can see a completed mural by Craig, called "Metamorphosis", in Northwood as well (SW corner of 24th Street and Spruce, West Palm Beach). Here he is working on it.

You've got to hand it to these outdoor mural artists -- they've got to fight the mosquitoes and dodge the South Florida rains. I'm sure they are both happy when they get an indoor commission like the downtown parking garages. (Maybe not -- I forgot about the lack of A/C in a parking garage stairwell.)

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