Monday, October 31, 2022



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Adriano Ficarelli

Andrew Hollimon

Ann Friedlander

Barry Seidman

Batia Lowenberg

Caren Hackman

Chad Periman

Chad Steve

Diane Lublinski

Erika Cespedes

Gary Kroman

Gillian Kennedy Wright

Glenda Green

Jahnoi Smith

James Sagui

Jane Lawton Baldridge

Jen Fisher

J Love Gironda

Joel Cohen

Kianga Jinaki

Louise Noakes

Lucia Gomez

Lupe Lawrence

Lynn Doyal

Manon Sander

Mark Walnock

Mauricio Perry

Michelle Drummond

Nicole Gallucio

Rita Boutros

Robert Catapano

Rosaria Vigorito

Sandra Lerman

Shakeera Thomas

Shica Hardy

Stacey Mandell

Suzanne Barton

William Villanueva

Zbigniew Kijak

Guest Artists

Craig McInnis

Eduardo Mendieta

Renata Rodrigues

Scott Jeffries


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