Artists Awards for 2020

CONTINUUM PB Art Fair is proud to bestow a variety of awards for visual arts each year that help foster unique and individual artistic growth within our South Florida community.  For the last three years, CONTINUUM has awarded over $9000 in cash prizes thanks to the contributions of our Palm Beach County businesses and arts community.

In 2020, our goal is to award close to $3500 in awards and $5000 in Young Masters Scholarships. CONTINUUM in partnership with NMSAF takes pride in providing fiscal and professional opportunities for artists in South Florida.

We are accepting contributions to help make this a successful awards year.  

Here are the categories.
  • Best in Show $1000 Fully Funded 
  • Second Place $500  Fully Funded
  • Third Place $250 Fully Funded
  • People's Choice TBA 
  • Body Painting First Place $750 Fully Funded- Keith & Stacy Palagye
  • Body Painting Second Place $500  Fully Funded-Keith & Stacy Palagye
  • Body Painting Three Place TBA
  • Young Masters Scholarships Fully Funded
       - Keith & Stacy Palagye
       -Ann Friedlander
       -Kelsey Cares

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