Friday, November 3, 2017

New Type of Gala for 2018

Photo Credit by Annett Meyer
Art by Anthony Hernandez Art

For the last four years, CONTINUUM WPB Arts has pride itself on bringing innovative our programming within the events provided. The Black Tie and Sneaker Fundraising gala has been one of the popular events and has allowed us to provide funding to different nonprofit organization and celebrate the opening of our unique art event. We have decided to change things up a little.

Photo Credit by Durga Garcia Photography

 In the past, artists were provided sneakers to create wearable pieces of art for the community to bid on, which provided funding to both the charity and artists. Though a great idea and very well received, we have found that many people were having a challenging time finding these beautiful pieces of art in their proper shoe size.

That being said, we will be going in a different direction for our 2018 gala. Stay tuned for the announcement. Call to artists to follow.

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  1. You had done brilliant art work.You always showed creativity in your work and gave us new ideas.This event promote funding for different nonprofit organization and celebrate the opening of unique art event keep it up.