Quarter Auction

Participate in one of our favorite fundraisers during CONTINUUM 

Quarter Auction

A quarter auction is part raffle, auction, fundraiser and sales bingo-style event. A great opportunity have fun, raise money for a deserving charity and win affordable art while patronizing the artists’ booths. - hosted by Cecily Mathis of the Jewelry Jamboree Quarter Auction.

Thank you to all the vendors. We are at capacity 
All vendors are responsible for your own set up including your own table. 


The charity is the No More Starving Artist Foundation. The organization's mission is to help artists be self sustainable by providing opportunities and services in Palm Beach County.

There are two rounds. First round benefits the vendor. Second round benefits the charity.

The Quarter Auction is on Thursday January 25, from 6pm-9pm.

Vendor participants include:

ATB Fine Artists & Designers LLC
Craig McInnis Studios
Artist & Jewelry Designer Shakeera Thomas
Artist Renata Rodrigues
Adriana Ficarelli
Belle's Baskets By Design
Artist Ahimsa Teabout
Maryllene's Candles and Essentials
Mary Kay by Vicky Loyd
Manuela Helbig w/New York Life
Tonya's Mixed Media Art
Penny Suttle with Tupperware
Making 50s Fabulous

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