Early Bird Advertise with Us-In our Souvenir Book

Early Bird Advertise with Us-In our Souvenir Book
CONTINUUM WPB prints a full color souvenir book for the show annually. Bios from all artists and an example of their artwork is included. Businesses, organizations, galleries, services, and artists are invited to place ads in our 56-page 8"x8" book. These souvenir catalogs are in limited print. 500 are printed and distributed to our VIP's, Sponsors, clients, art collectors and partners.

We offering Early Bird Specials for 1/4, 1/2, and full-page ads.  As well as four prime pages. Once your payment is made you will receive detailed instructions on how to submit an ad.

Early Bird Special ends (
Oct. 7, 2017 11:59pm)

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                                          Regular Price-Early Bird Price
Full Page (7.5"x7.5")                 $275.00- $150.00 
Half Page (3.75"x 7.5")              $200.00-$100.00 
Quarter Page(1.875"x 1.875")    $125.00- $85.00 
Prime Pages
Double Center                             $800.00-$425.00
Single Center (2 available)          $600.00-$375.00
Back Outside Page                      $550.00-$250.00 SOLD
Inside Front Cover                      $500.00-$200.00 SOLD
Inside Back Cover                       $500.00-$200.00

* Note:PayPal buttons have been glitchy. If you wish to get an ad, please contact us at continuum@atbfineartists.com & we will invoice you.

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